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At Tubes & Timber, we follow one design principle: Simple is beautiful. No stains. No paints. Just wood, glass, wire, and glue. It’s a clean aesthtic that lets the flower or plant draw the attention. As it should be.

Handmade, Everything.

Here in the basement of our 1910 craftsman house, we have a table saw, a drill press, a sander, and a lot of creativity. Every product we make, we make by hand.

Where to buy our products.

We sell all of our Tubes & Timber products online through Etsy. You can find our Etsy shop here.

Interested in wholesale purchasing for your own store? We would love to work with you.

Our products are currently carried in several local stores, and we’d love to add your store to the list. Just give Jake a call at 253-312-4739.

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